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Richard Kasendwa aka Ziza Bafana started his professional music career in 2011 and he has never looked back hence becoming one of the best new school artists. Not very many artists of this generation stand out artistically but Ziza Bafana is proving to be a master of his unique dancehall music genre.

This is a super showcase in his music composition and performances. Any journey is not worthwhile without any achievements or accolades and this is evident as he is a three times Zzina Awards winner, three times HiPiPo Awards winner, two times rising Star Awards winner and Best of the Best Awards winner.

Being one of the most outstanding artists in Uganda and one of the best performers, Ziza Bafana has also managed to tour around the world showcasing his artistry in countries like South Africa, United Kingdom, Turkey, E.A, Sweden, Amsterdam and Southern Sudan.

For any serious artist, work has to do the talking more than anything else and he has managed to put out a number of big songs plus albums like Jayo Ntekeyo, Pomini, Guluma Nasomye, Mavuunya, Jocker, Batutunze, Akalulu, Doom Doom (Hidden), Agende, Sagala Ntalo, Osiliiza, Kankunune respectively. And he promises more to come as he is also planning to launch the Ziza Bafana Foundation that caters for the Girl Child.

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