Famous singers Ronald Mayinja and Blu3 (Lilian Mbabazi, Jackie Chandiru and Cindy Sanyu) have set their concerts on same date.

All these concerts are set to happen on 8th March 2024 but different venues for all of them.

The Blu3s had separated years ago and each of the artistes has been doing their own thing. For Cindy Sanyu she started singing with her band at different venues.

She also dedicated her time to family as she got married and welcomed two children in a period of two years.

Lilian Mbabazi has also been trying to sing as she pushes her music career to the next level.

Then Jackie Chandiru, she struggled with her drug addiction which slowed down her music career. Ever since she became sober she has been trying to push her career to the next level.

They all came together last year and decided to give their fans a concert as they miss them so much as blu3.

Ronald Mayinja has also not been stable musically but he promised to give his fans a concert this year.

The day he set for the concert is the same day the Blu3 set and now competition is going to be very tight between these artistes.

8th March, the Blue Three’s and Ronald Mayinja have concerts